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About Me

My name is Lucy and I like to play around with software and hardware. I don’t like Windows and try to avoid closed source software as much as possible because I can’t play with it. Also, I am very much interested in networking and trains.

Oh and I reaaaally like cat girls! Nya~ 💕

neko maid nya

Social / Internet Presence

You can find me on these platforms:

Github MaidLucy
Blue Sky
Twitter @MaidLucyVT
Throne Wishlist MaidLucy
Twitch MaidLucy
YouTube MaidLucy MaidLucy


If you would like to reach out to me, you can also find me here:

Discord @maidlucy


Only look at this if you can handle unhinged horny.

Mastodon alt

Privacy Policy

1. You need to send data to us and receive a reply to them in order to access the website. This is required to even receive a single byte of any of this, up to and including this privacy policy you are reading for some arcane reason. In order to do so, you have sent a pair of information that for some arcane reason are considered personal information, even if your home router or public wifi is changing them for you to allow more than one device to use your internet connection (and yes, this includes your smart fridge that is sending data to an intelligence agency near you). Anyway, the personal information is the IP-Address and Port that the packet has after it passed any and all NAT-devices and reverse proxies (excluding those setting an X-Forwarded-For HTTP-Header). The operating system uses these two information (in addition to two more pieces of data that are assigned to the webserver in question) to send you this privacy-policy or any other page of this website back. The GDPR requires that your personal information is transmitted with encryption if possible. This cannot be done because THATS HOW THE INTERNET WORKS YOU DUMB IDIOT STILL READING THIS PRIVACY POLICY. If this page is transmitted with HTTPS, yay, your data is probably encrypted adequately. If not, this is a static site, even if the page were encrypted, a third party can see what domain you have accessed because of technical reasons. This webserver, which probably uses default settings since I am a fucking normal person who has no idea what (s)he is doing, logs the time of access as well as your ip/port-combination along with the accessed site in rotating log files that are configured for 7 days of log retention. Please note that some of your personally identifiable information is transmitted unencrypted, any third-party involved in transmitting your data from and to my webserver can at least see what domain you are trying to access as well as where it is hosted. In fact any DNS-provider you choose (or more probably has been chosen for you) can see that you have been trying to access this site at least once. We have no control of how you found the IP of the webserver nor how the data reached us nor do we control how the data reaches you.

2. You have the right to get me check the aforementioned logs to tell you wether you ever accessed the site, and even give you the relevant log entries to find out what you have visited. (A job your webbrowser can probably do better than me). You also can request to fill in blanks (which there shouldn’t be, the website doesn’t teleport itself into your computer), or to correct it (in which case, how the fuck did the website actually reach you of that data is wrong), or to get me delete that data (even more effort), and even give you the data in a computer-parsable form (since log-parsers exist, these logfiles can be considered parsable). You can also tell me that I shouldn’t do anything with the data except deleting. (Which duh, anything else would be effort) You can also complain to the appropriate authorities. All data processing is being done according to Article 6 I b GDPR, since the website can’t teleport itself to you, which I would totally do if it were possible.

3. I am required to put some address into that page, so here have an address for a responsible person:

Haha, nope. I won’t publish my home address on a public website. Just like I would not publish my address on social media. And just like I would not run around in public holding up a sign that says my full name and address. Contact my hosting provider or domain name reseller instead.


5. This privacy policy has been placed under the WTFPLv2.

6. Even though being pretty accurate to the actual situation, this is a joke and should not be taken seriously.