I was crossdressing in public and it was an awesome experience

So some days ago I was finally feeling ready to go out in public as a girl. I really wanted to try it and at some point I just asked a friend if they could do my makeup and help me pick an outfit.

I went to her place, got dressed and then she did my makeup. We had to hurry, because we only had about an hours to do all of that but we did it. After that we picked up another friend in the city centre from work and went to her place.

I was already looking like a girl at that point. The plan was to take a bus and and pick the other friend up by feet but we missed the first bus. She then organized a car ride to the city because we both didn’t have a drivers license.

The astonishing thing about that was that neither her mum, who drove us, nor her brother seemed to care about what I was wearing. There wasn’t even a single stupid comment about it and it felt really rewarding to simply be accepted like that.

This trend continued after we arrived at the other friends apartment. It was my last chance to revert my looks back to normal, because we wanted to go to a restaurant and eat something.

I chose not to do that though. I was feeling great after the experience with the family of the girl that did my makeup. And I was confident in my outfit and makeup.

The outfit was a typical white long-sleeved blouse by the way. And I was wearing a blue pleated midi-skirt together with it. Because of the lower than average temperatures — it was raining most of the time — I opted to wear a black pantyhose together with the outfit. For the shoes I choose dark brown heeled boots.

At the restaurant I was getting a little nervous though. I got looks on the street from men and I was confused wheter they thought I was a cute girl or whether they knew that I was just crossdressing. Of course the girl in their eyes was ruined when I started speaking.

Not being able to chance anything about that, I just started to ingore that and identified myself as a cute crossdresser rather than trying to be as girlish as possible.

We had to wait a little at the restaurant because there were a lot of other people. Finally a waiter showed us where we could sit. Our place was in the back region of the restaurant so we had to go through the whole first hall in order to reach it. I got a couple of looks on the way and started feeling like a weirdo and I was falling back behind the two girls. My friend noticed though and grabbed my hand to drag me.

I felt really great in that moment. Her hand felt warm and comforting and all the bad feelings vanished in seconds.

With a mask on and a pretty girlish makeup that made me look more female, the illusion was pretty good though, so my self-estem reestablished.

When we sat down, I didn’t wanna remove my coat though, because I felt like the outfit was a little too much. Yeah, I felt overdressed.

A waitress came and asked us if we already knew what we wanted to drink or eat. I ordered a Strawberry Colada, that’s the same thing as a Pina Colada but with Strawberrys, and a smal Tortilla. Yep, all Spanish that day!

We received the order and started eating and drinking. That was also when I felt comfortable enough to remove my coat. I was also getting pretty warm and so I removed it.

Nobody cared about my looks or that I looked like a girl which was speaking in a manly voice. The people on the table next to us gave me some looks but I think I smiled back and that was it. It probably was a funny experience for them.

What surprised me the most was that the waitress didn’t mention a single word about my appearance. Almost like she only cared about receiving and bringing orders which she got paid for.

Anyways, the place has great food and great drinks and I really enjoyed my time there. Thanks to the makeup, I felt cute and safe in my apperance. So a huge thanks goes to the two friends that made this possible!

It was a rewarding and relaxing experience at the same time. And will do it again in a few weeks!


Written by Lucy
Published on Wed, 11 Aug 2021 14:53:30 +0200

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