Here’s a summary of some of the male to female transgender voice tutorials I found on YouTube.

Getting started on Lyrinx-Control

This video helped a lot to learn about efficient ways to control the lyrinx.

It inclused a warmup that you can do before practicing. Not much detail about resonance and how to turn the humming into a voice though.

Probably the most helpful of them all. More technical than all the others. Z has an audio background after all!

Starting Point

Then there’s a whole playlist that you can watch!

Overview / Big Picture


This video gave me a lot of hope!

Fairy Princess Lucys Extensive Tutorials

Very good and straight up explanation technique that makes you follow along.

Part 1: Lyrinx Control

Part 2: Resonance

Part 3: Turning Resonance into a Voice


There’s also the possibility to read about it in formal medical literature if you can access that. Chapter 12 of Transgender Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach talks about it in a lot of detail.

You can do it!

You have more control over your voice than you think you do!